Bioinformatics Core

The Bioinformatics Core provides solutions for storage, analysis and dissemination of massive neurobiological datasets, with an emphasis on DNA sequencing data. Permanent, highly specialized personnel work closely with investigators to extract the maximum value from these emerging datasets.

Program capabilities

  • Provide expertise, guidance, techniques and services to fully explore rich data sets.
  • Provide bioinformatics education and training.
  • Create a hub for future collaborations centered on neuroinformatics.
  • Design experiments to optimize data.
  • Analysis of next generation sequencing data.
  • Core staff members will be available to actively contribute to the design and development of data-heavy experiments.
  • Continually import new tools and develop new algorithms.

Support is provided at all experimental phases including: planning experiments to best optimize the data, assisting the researcher with data already in hand using off-the-shelf or in-house tools, collaborating as an active member of the experimental team for periods of weeks or months, training researchers who have long-term, continuing needs in specific analytic areas, and long-term development and refinement of emerging informatics tools.

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