A major aim of the program is to provide data and bio-specimens to other investigators engaged in biomarker discovery and development. We are accepting proposals from local, national and international investigators.

If you would like access to the program’s resources, the first step is to prepare a letter of intent. Please summarize your proposed project, including the hypothesis being tested and its significance for biomarkers, the data and/or samples required, and details of the proposed assay (if applicable), and send it to our Senior Project Manager Ana Trisini Lipsanopoulos. Letters of intent are accepted at any time.

Although the Biomarkers Core primarily serves the Harvard community, including the 17 affiliated research hospitals, we also welcome users from other parts of the Massachusetts academic neurobiology research community.

Program Staff:
Ana Trisini Lipsanopoulos
Senior Project Manager
Tel 617.768.8590

Karen Duong
Biospecimen Manager

Thomas Yi
Database Manager

Daly Franco
Study Coordinator

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