HNDC Cores

Research Instrumentation Core

The Research Instrumentation Core provides engineering expertise to neuroscience researchers developing instruments and techniques to accomplish complex or novel experiments that are not readily available or easy to fabricate. The focus of the facility is the design and fabrication of electronic, optical, and mechanical devices. The Instrumentation Core engineers work closely with researchers throughout the design and fabrication process to ensure that the resulting tools are appropriate for the research goals. The facility's services include training, consulting, design and fabrication

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NeuroBehavior Laboratory Core

The NeuroBehavior Laboratory (NBL) is a fee-for-service core providing a 3,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art mouse neurobehavior research facility.  This is a full service facility, providing training and guidance to investigators on best research practices, developing new tests, equipment and procedures.  Our staff promotes the highest standards of mouse behavior research.


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Enhanced Neuroimaging Core

The Enhanced Neuroimaging Core is a fee-for-service core that provides access to advanced confocal, multi-photon and wide field microscopy services. Comprehensive training in data acquisition and image analysis are offered as customized services to new and established users throughout the NeuroDiscovery community.


Comprehensive training
Imaging project design
Extensive image analysis support

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Clinical Trials Innovation Core

The Clinical Trials Innovation Core develops, tests and implements new methodological and technological innovations to enhance clinical trial designs in neurodegenerative diseases. The Core designs algorithms to identify the best subjects, measures, time intervals and statistical approaches to detect the slightest yet important changes in subjects during a clinical trial.


  • Provide investigators with state-of-the-art instrumentation
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Biomarkers Core

The Biomarkers Core was launched in 2007 with the aim of building a longitudinal specimen and data repository of subjects with neurodegenerative diseases (specifically AD, PD, and MCI) and healthy controls for biomarker discovery.  These resources are available to investigators with good ideas for developing or confirming biomarkers for a small processing fee.


  • Over 2,300 well-characterized subjects followed longitudinally
  • Multiple
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Bioinformatics Core

The Bioinformatics Core provides solutions for storage, analysis and dissemination of massive neurobiological datasets, with an emphasis on DNA sequencing data. Permanent, highly specialized personnel work closely with investigators to extract the maximum value from these emerging datasets.

Program capabilities

  • Provide expertise, guidance, techniques and services to fully explore rich
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