HNDC Funding Opportunities

Pilot Projects Program


2016 Competition

Mark Aldermann - Early synapse loss in Alzheimer’s disease: In vivo imaging
of microglial engulfment, pruning, and anti-CR3 immunotherapy in awake mice

Laura Cox - Role of the intestinal microbiota in calorie-restriction mediated protection of Alzheimer’s disease

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Harvard/MIT Research Grants Program in Basic Neuroscience

This research grants program supports collaborative research in basic neuroscience.

Proposals for innovative, high risk, basic neuroscience research are invited from principal investigators from across the Harvard and MIT communities.

The program is intended to forge collaborations between PIs who have not previously worked together. Collaborations involving at least two PIs from different departments and ideally from different institutions are particularly encouraged.

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Disease-Focused Research Grants Program

Awardees Announced for the 2015 Competition

On July 7th the program review committee met and selected the following six winners:

Dragana Rogulja (HMS) — Control of sleep initiation by the visual system

Ulf Dettmer (BWH) — α-Synuclein Tetramers and Their Relevance for Modeling and Treating PD

Krishna Srihasam (HMS) — Non Invasive Neuromodulation for presurgical planning in Parkinson's disease

Todd Anthony (BCH) — Imaging of Neural Activity Dynamics in a Genetically-Defined Circuit that Controls Stress-Induced Anxiety

Kevin Hodgetts (BWH) — A Translation Library to Elucidate Disease Mechanisms, Identify Drug Targets and Accelerate Drug Discovery for CNS Disease

Ricardo Mouro Pinto (MGH) — Identification of genetic modifiers of somatic CAG instability in Huntington's Disease by in vivo CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing

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