Analytic Approaches

  •  Clinical trial selection and outcome assessment. Drs. Betensky, Blacker, and Hyman completed and published a paper showing that more careful selection and alternate outcome measures could improve the power and efficiency of clinical trials in prodromal AD.
  • MCI trial approaches. Drs. Blacker and Betensky recently consulted to a pharmaceutical company on how best to use available data to optimize outcome measures in a planned study of MCI.
  • Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative (API) APOE risk estimates. The Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative APOE(4,4) trial targets those at the highest genetic risk for AD for a prevention trial slated to begin in spring 2015. Drs. Blacker and Betensky are working to develop more accurate estimates of APOE-associated risk for MCI and Alzheimer's disease that could be used as part of their informed consent process. They are using data from the National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center and three different national and international cohort studies with data to address this question and apply appropriate statistical models.
  • Novel analysis of shape information for neuroimaging data: Dr. Martin Reuter is developing a novel processing method focused on the potential of shape information in assisting the computer-aided diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and its prodromal stage of mild cognitive impairment. This method, known as BrainPrint, captures shape information of an ensemble of cortical and subcortical structures by solving the 2D and 3D Laplace-Beltrami operator on triangular and tetrahedral meshes, and this shape information can be combined with more standing analyses of volume and thickness measurements from FreeSurfer. This work was supported via the Core and an ADRC pilot grant.
  • Novel CSF Biomarkers: Dr. Shuko Takeda is working with Dr. Bradley Hyman to develop novel CSF biomarkers that show promise for early recognition of the disease. Such Biomarkers are key to identifying individuals for following the earliest manifestations of the disease and for early intervention trials