Previous Winners

2014 Competition

7 proposals selected for funding by the review committee:

Tao Ho Lee (BIDMC) — Role of DAPK1 on Tau and Amyloid Pathogenesis

Iman Aganj (MGH) — Connectomic Biomarkers of Alzheimer's Disease Observed in Multi-Synaptic Pathways

Martin Reuter (MGH) — Longitudinal Shape & Morph Analysis for High-Sensitivity Detection of Surrogate Biomarkers in Neurodegenerative Disease

Wasim Malik (MGH) — Multiscale Decoding in Neural Prosthetics for ALS Rehabilitation

Susan Frost (BWH) — Investigating lamin dysfunction as a novel mechanism of tau neurotoxicity

Roopali Gandhi (BWH) — Functional Relevance of miR-92a in Multiple Sclerosis

John Yoon (BWH) — Roles of secreted factors in neurodegeneration associated with Leigh syndrome

2013 Competition

8 proposals selected for funding by the review committee:

Zara Herskovits (BWH) — CSF Biomarkers for ALS

Robin Reed (HMS) — High Throughput Screen to Identify ALS Drug Candidates

Elena Ratti (MGH) — Longitudinal Characterization of the FTD-ALS Spectrum

Wassim Elyaman (BWH) — Identification of Small Molecules that Target Memory T Cells for MS Therapeutics

Paul Rosenberg (BCH) — Abnormal Integrated Stress Response in HD

Vikram Khurana (MGH) — A Comprehensive Stem Cell-Based Screening Platform for Synucleiopathy

Julius Hedden (MGH) — Cognitive Profiles of Imaging Biomarkers in Preclinical AD

Stephen Gomperts (MGH) — Impairment in the Ensemble Representation of Space and Memory in a Mouse Model of AD

2012 Competition
11 proposals selected for funding by the review committee: 

Katherina Cosker (DFCI) — A role for Bclw in neurotrophin-dependent prevention of axonal degeneration

Brian Wainger (CHB) — Electrophysiological characterization of ALS patient-derived motor neurons

Jacob Hooker (MGH) — Combined FDG-PET and MRI in early ALS

David Livingston (DFCI) — Is excessive R loop-driven DNA damage a component of ALS pathogenesis?

Teresia Osborn (McL) — Preclinical studies of guanine deaminase as a protector of ALS-related motor neuron death

Shaomin Li (BWH) — Enriched environment prevents AB-impaired LTP viathe B-adrenoceptor signaling pathway

Gabriel Corfas (CHB) — Exploring the links between AD and ErbB4 nuclear signaling

Elizabeth Bradshaw (BWH) — Functional significance of CD33 surface density and its implications for AD susceptibility

Christopher William (MGH) — Synaptic plasticity in Down Syndrome

Tim Bartels (BWH) — Impact of N-terminal acetylation on folding and lipid interaction of alpha-synuclein

Robert Ellis (BIDMC) — Neural mechanisms of motor timing in PD 

2011 Pilot Studies
Min Liu
(BWH) — Understanding the Mechanism of Regulating LRRK2 Functions

Pamela McLean
(MGH) — Alpha-Synuclein in Exosomes from Human CSF and Brain in Parkinson's

Nazem Atassi
(MGH) — Mechanism-Based Neuroimaging in ALS

Tracy Young-Pearse
(BWH) — Patient-derived iPSCs to Address Mechanisms of Alzheimers Disease

Joshua Shulman
(BWH) — Functional Validation of Alzheimer's Genome-wide Association Signals

John Becker
(MGH) — Longitudinal Modeling of Dynamic Biomarkers of the AD Pathologic Cascade

2010 Pilot Studies
Ciprian Catana
(MGH) — Identification of Potential Compensatory Mechanisms in Alzheimer's Disease by Accurate Structure-Function Inter-Relation Using Simultaneous MR-PET Technology

M. Teresa Gomez-Isla
(MGH) — Are Some Human Brains Able to Tolerate the Insult of Aß?

Min Jeong Kye
(CHB) — Exploring the Role of SMN in miRNA in Axons

Catherine Stamoulis
(BIDMC) — Detection of Copy Number Changes in DNA of Patients with Sporadic ALS

Jaehong Suh
(MGH) — Transgenic Mouse Study of Novel ADAM10 Mutations in Alzheimer's Disease

Martin Can Zhang
(MGH) — Characterizing a Novel AD GWAS Gene: ATXN1

2009 Pilot Studies
Sydney S. Cash
(MGH) — Subclinical Paroxysmal EEG Abnormalities in Alzheimer’s Disease

David Greer (
MGH) — Effect of Cerebral Hypoperfusion on B-Amyloid Deposition

Guo-Fu Hu
(HMS) — Stress-Induced Small RNAs in Neuron Survival

Nikolaus McFarland
(MGH) — Examination of Brain Urate Metabolites in Neurodegenerative Disease

Scott McGinnis
(MGH) — Application of Ultrahigh Resolution MRI to Develop Imaging Biomarkers in Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration

Jacob Sloane
(BIDMC) — Identifying Proteins Associated with Impaired Remyelination and with Cortical Lesions in Multiple Sclerosis

Ottavio Vitolo
(HMS) — Memory Network Dysfunction in Patients with Late Life Depression

2008 Pilot Studies
Mark Albers
(MGH) — Is the map of axon projections from human olfactory sensory neurons into the olfactory bulb disrupted in AD patients?

Paola Arlotta
(MGH) — Induction of corticospinal motor neuron specifications by cellautonomous transcription factor signaling

Susan Cotman
(MGH) — Investigating accumulation of themitochondrial atpase subunit c protein as a marker for autophagydysfunction in neurodegenerative disease

Stefanie Freeman
(MGH) - Pathologic phenotypes of Alzheimer's disease

Sang-Jun Jeon
(MEEI) - Small molecules for regeneration of hair cells

Volney Sheen
(BIDMC) — Mitochondrial dysfunction from astroglial S100B in human DS neural progenitors

Kai Sonntag
(McLean) — Regulation of gene expression in dopamine neurons by miRNAs

Anand Viswanathan
(MGH) — Cortical morphological consequences of subcortical vascular pathology in cerebral amyloid angiopathy

2007 Pilot Studies
Christopher Gibbons (Roy Freeman)
(BIDMC) — A human model of autonomic nerve fiber degeneration and regeneration

Steven Hersch
(MGH) — Surrogate marker of therapeutic response in Huntington’s disease

Fuxin Shi (Albert Edge)
(MEEI) — Replacement of auditory neurons to enhance the function of a cochlear implant

Olivia Okereke (Deborah Blacker)
(MGH) — Pilot study for development of a shortened clinical dementia rating questionnaire

Daniel Press
(BIDMC) — Genotype-phenotype relations underlying cognitive dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease

Eric Smith
(MGH) — Pittsburgh compound-B imaging and subcortical small vessel damage

2006 Pilot Studies
Brandon Ally
(BWH) — P50 as a measure of cholinergic response in Alzheimer's disease

Phil de Jager
(BWH) — Developing an immunoprofile into a diagnostic tool for multiple sclerosis

Allitia DiBernardo
(MGH) — Open-label, dose-escalating clinical trial of high-dose creatine in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Florian Eichler
(MGH) — Immunomodulatory therapy in X-linked adrenolukodystrophy

Stephen Gomperts
(MGH) — Alpha-synuclein measurement and molecular imaging in Parkinson's disease dementia

Christopher Holland
(BWH) — Evaluating continuous arterial spinlabeling in the investigation of the role of perfusion in the evolutionand repair of white matter lesions in multiple sclerosis

Lisa Krivickas
(Spaulding) — Motor unit behavior in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

2005 Pilot Studies
James Beck
(Mass Mental Health Hospital) — Neuregulin 1 and Schizophrenia Phenotype

Joan Camprodon
(BIDMC) — Stroke Repair and NeglectRecovery: An fMRI Study Assessing Physiopathologic Mechanisms and TMSApplications for Rehabilitation Therapy

Michael Irizarry
(MGH) — High Dose Multivitamin Treatment: Effect on Plasma A-Beta and White Matter Lesions in the VISP study

Rachel Nardin
(BIDMC) — Diaphragm Training in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

David Wolk
(BWH) — ERP Correlates of Encoding and Retrieval in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease

2004 Pilot Studies
Paolo Bonato
(Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital) — Enhancing DBS parameter adjustment through measures of motor response

Andrew Budson
(BWH) — Using false recognition as an outcome measure for clinical trials

Gregory Esper
(BIDMC) — Assessment of neuromuscular disease using multifrequency-dependent electrical impedance myography

Dominik Meier
(BWH) — Capturing short term disease activity in MS

Magdy Selim
(BIDMC) — A pilot study to evaluate the safety and tolerability of iron chelator, deferoxamine, in elderly stroke patient